How automation could make us more human

The rise of the robots should spur us to focus...

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Grey London changes name to Valenstein & Fatt to promote diversity and tolerance

Grey London is making a statement against a recent surge in racism and nationalism by changing its name to Valenstein...


Marketers must tell their boards '60% of programmatic spend is wasted'

Ebiquity has urged marketers to face up to the fact that 60% of their programmatic ad spend is being wasted...


Rubicon Project hits back against Guardian lawsuit

Rubicon Project has insisted that it had disclosed its buyer fees in a contract signed with The Guardian more than...


Britvic launches Robinson's Refresh'd brand for health-conscious on-the-go consumers

Britvic is launching another Robinsons brand variant dubbed Refresh'd, a ready-to-drink squash made using 100% naturally-sourced ingredients and containing spring...


Amazon enters Middle East with acquisition

Amazon has made its first foray into the Middle East online retail market after agreeing to buy, the region's...


Leagas Delaney appoints Ogilvy's Hay as CEO and partner

Leagas Delaney has appointed Ogilvy Asia-Pacific's Fergus Hay as its chief executive and partner.


Snickers and Gay Star News tell LGBT community to 'be who you are'

Snickers has teamed up with Gay Star News in a bid to empower LGBT+ people and persuade them to "be...


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Why Cosabella replaced its agency with AI and will never go back to humans

1 Why Cosabella replaced its agency with AI and will never go back to humans

In October, lingerie retailer Cosabella replaced its digital agency with an AI platform named "Albert". Since then it has more than tripled its ROI and increased its customer base by 30%.