100 years of keeping calm and carrying on

From challenging German propaganda during the Great War to the...

Nokia 3310 reborn in 'colourful reimagining' of classic phone

'This girl can' moves from advertising to activism

Is this really a quantum leap for transparency?

Nils Leonard launches eco-friendly coffee brand



Behind every masterpiece there lies a good brief

Michelangelo wasn't asked to add a lick of paint to the Sistine Chapel and to fill in the cracks, writes...

Reclaim the internet


Time to treat our 'post truth' phobia of empirical rules

As our largely liberal-minded industry bemoans the polarized and "post truth" world, should we be challenging our own use of...


Creative bravery is needed now more than ever

Marketers should develop the confidence to cast off the past, rather than cling to it, writes Chris Jefford.


UK consumers opt for familiar with British Airways topping brand ranking

In a time of turbulence, British consumers seem to be opting for tried and true brands, with British Airways leading...


Should this be the last ever Mobile World Congress?

"Mobile" is no longer about just the mobile phone and neither is Mobile World Congress, writes Manning Gottlieb OMD's head...


Mess with brands at your peril, says Premier Foods marketing director

Consumers see brands as their own personal property, so mess with them at your peril, writes Premier Foods' Helen Warren-Piper....


Netflix boss Reed Hastings: 'We will adapt to virtual reality if it takes off'

Netflix co-founder and chief executive Reed Hastings says the company is ready to adapt for virtual reality as part of...


Editors' Picks

YouTube to stop 30-second unskippable ads

1 YouTube to stop 30-second unskippable ads

Starting next year, YouTube will stop allowing the 30-second unskippable ad and will focus instead on shorter formats.