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Simon Davies

Simon Davies


Advertisement director


Evening Standard and London Lite

Work Telephone

+44 (0)20 7938 7401


Northcliffe House, Derry Street, London, , W8 5TS


14th January 1966

Career highlights

Seeing my protégé Steve Atkinson succeeding in business.

Most cringeworthy moment of your career

Being mistaken for Gordon Ramsay at Caprice.

Best thing about your job

My PA, Hannah.

Worst thing about your job

Hannah leaving.

Advice for a wannabe A Lister

Follow Claudine Collins on a week of lunches – you can't fail.

If you could be anyone else in this business, who would it be?

Steve Platt, Aegis Group. Never knowingly under-golfed.

What would you do on a sabbatical?

Learn to surf with my sons in Mexico.

Your USP?

Who I work with and for.

What would you change about yourself?


Favourite media

Don't be silly.

Favourite shop

Richard James.

What’s the biggest lie you’ve told?

Golf in Marbella IS business. I had to go, darling.

How many toilets do you own?


What can’t you live without (apart from family)?

My RS4.


The Mail on Sunday's self-confident sales director went a little quiet following the promotion of John Teal to group ad director across the Daily Mail and The Mail on Sunday. However, his bullish approach soon returned following his move over to run sales for the Evening Standard and London Lite. He may find sales in the afternoon London market more of a challenge than The Mail on Sunday.

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