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Paul Kitcatt

Paul Kitcatt


Creative partner


Kitcatt Nohr Digitas

Work Telephone

+44 (0)20 7012 3952


48-50 St John's Street, , London, , EC1M 4DG


21st November 1957

Career highlights

A woman who read an ad I wrote published an article about how it had changed her life. That was both flattering and humbling.

Most cringeworthy moment of your career

Seeing a piece I'd entered for an award on display at the ceremony and spotting a horrible typo in the first line.

Best thing about your job

Getting to see into so many different worlds, thanks to having clients in many diverse markets.

Worst thing about your job

Ludicrous marketing neologisms and acronyms.

Advice for a wannabe A Lister

\"Be one of those upon whom nothing is lost.\" Henry James' advice, still sound.

If you could be anyone else in this business, who would it be?

David Attenborough. What an excellent life he has led, making all those natural history documentaries. Admittedly, not much to do with advertising or direct marketing. Or, indeed, anything to do with it.

What would you do on a sabbatical?

Learn to fly.

Your USP?

Absurd optimism due to defective memory.

What would you change about yourself?

I would like not to have to wear glasses to read.

Favourite media

For advertising: posters. For my own entertainment: the movies.

Favourite shop

Daunt Books, on Marylebone High Street.

What’s the biggest lie you’ve told?

\"I'm just going to have one quick drink...\"

How many toilets do you own?

There are two in my house, but I don't think of myself as owning them. I let others use them too. Otherwise, it all gets a bit messy.

What can’t you live without (apart from family)?



There aren't many creative directors that subscribe to New Scientist and The Economist, but then not many creative directors are like Paul Kitcatt. He may not embrace the limelight like many of his peers, but the work he produces is undoubtedly up there with the best of them.

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