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Justin Tindall

Justin Tindall


Creative partner


The Red Brick Road

Work Telephone

+44 (0)20 7575 7600


50-54 Beak Street, London, W1F 9RN


On my birthday.

Career highlights

Adam Tucker, Jeremy Craigen, Ewan Paterson, John Webster, Mark Reddy and many other great people who have made me look good.

Most cringeworthy moment of your career

Catching somebody masturbating on my desk. In fairness, she apologised, but I could never look her in the eye after that.

Best thing about your job

A blank piece of paper.

Worst thing about your job

A blank piece of paper.

Advice for a wannabe A Lister


If you could be anyone else in this business, who would it be?

A junior creative – so I could do it all again.

What would you do on a sabbatical?

Sneak in through the window and put it in my pocket.

Your USP?

I can touch my nose with my top lip.

What would you change about yourself?

My top lip.

Favourite media

Paint and film.

Favourite shop

Tesco, of course.

What’s the biggest lie you’ve told?

I'll only put the end in.

How many toilets do you own?


What can’t you live without (apart from family)?



Tindall is an obsessive art director. He's such a perfectionist that when Paul Hammersley, The Red Brick Road's managing partner, showed him a picture of his children, the first thing he pointed out was that the photo needed retouching.

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