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Paul van Barthold

Paul van Barthold


Chief operating officer


Arena Media

Work Telephone

+44 (0)20 7182 6400


247, Tottenham Court Road, London, , W1T 7QX


September 1957.

Career highlights

Scottish TV, 1980-83; The Media Business, 1983-1998; MediaCom, 1998-2000; BLM, 2000-present.

Most cringeworthy moment of your career

Too many to mention.

Best thing about your job

The people.

Worst thing about your job

The people.

Advice for a wannabe A Lister

Don't let the truth get in the way of a good story.

If you could be anyone else in this business, who would it be?


What would you do on a sabbatical?

Learn to play the guitar (properly).

Your USP?


What would you change about yourself?

My age.

Favourite media

TV sports channels, music and sports websites and The Daily Telegraph.

Favourite shop

Paul Smith.

What’s the biggest lie you’ve told?

All of the above!

How many toilets do you own?

None, according to my wife. I only own the mortgage.

What can’t you live without (apart from family)?

A glass of Burgundy.


Few would begrudge van Barthold his part in BLM's celebrations when it sold to Havas to become Arena BLM. Now van Barthold is responsible for running an agency with loftier UK ambitions, he will be hoping his football team, Fulham, can avoid another relegation struggle.

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