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Adam Kean

Adam Kean


Joint executive creative director


Publicis London

Work Telephone

+44 (0)20 7830 3032


82 Baker Street, , London, , W1U 6AE


Career highlights

Working with Tom Ewart.

Favourite TV programme

House is a new favourite. And Entourage.


The Guardian. Always has been.


The Spectator is infuriating, but strangely reassuring.

Website Boring, but true.

Favourite recent marketing campaign

It doesn't really answer the question, but I really enjoy watching the Comcast \"rabbit\" ad about high-speed internet connection. Beautifully written, brilliantly directed and performed by the best voiceover artist in America.

Favourite brand

Agnès B. Because they're like French mods.

What’s your concession to the recession?

Going to see the Lions.

Who would play you in a movie?

Albert Finney.

Party trick



Playing table tennis and watching rugby. Along with a bit of walking.

What gadget do you think should be invented?

The Orgasmatron in Woody Allen's Sleeper looks like fun. But you can't beat the Star Trek teleporter.

You’ve got one last Tweet before you die. What do you Tweet?

\"I tawt I saw a puddy cat. I did, I did saw a puddy cat.\"


The creative brief for this year was to build on the success of Cadbury Creme Egg and push the agency out of the mire it was in when the current senior management team took over just under two years ago. And with campaigns for Hula Hoops, the Army and the charity iPhone app for DePaul UK, Kean has done his bit to achieve that aim.


My mum's bed, balcony flat, 28 Cleveland Square, London W2. At about 1.30 pm on Wednesday 29 March 1961.

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