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Jorian Murray

Jorian Murray


Managing partner


Dye Holloway Murray

Work Telephone

+44 (0)20 7240 0603.


30-32 Southampton Street, London, WC2E 7RA


1st January 1961

Fantasy business partner

Arsene Wenger.

How do you off-set your carbon footprint?

I cycle to work to off-set my spare tyre.

Greatest influence

My mum.


Arsenal and The Institute of Directors.

Favourite gadget


Desert island objects

A MacBook, airport, my dog, some matches.

Most-admired politician

Gordon Brown. His decision to reject spin and artifice and be himself.

Favourite media

The Observer, The Observer Music Monthly, 24, Xfm,

Biggest risk taken

Designing and selling T-shirts to fund a summer in Corfu.

Perfect day

An autumn Saturday, a full English, a 3-0 home win, shepherd's pie, bottle of red wine and a good film at home.

Who should play you in the film of your life?

Bruce Willis (apparently).

Career highlights

Starting an agency with two mates.

Fictional hero


Best job outside advertising

Woodhouse Menswear. I'm told by Dave (Dye) that this is the best thing on my CV.


After 14 years at DDB London, Murray left to fire up the first start-up of 2007. The cheery Londoner is blessed with brains and an emotional intelligence that should set his shop, Dye Holloway Murray, in good stead. Having fought its way on to pitchlists, and bedded down a number of relatively modest accounts this year, 2008 is going to be a make-or-break one for the agency.

Most expensive purchase

A watercolour.

Why are you good at what you do?

I'm told that I'm a good listener.

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