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Stuart Sullivan-Martin

Stuart Sullivan-Martin


Chief strategy officer



Work Telephone

+44 (0)20 7803 2201


1 Paris Garden, , London, , SE1


Career highlights

John Ayling and Associates, Y&R Media, The Media Edge, Mediaedge:cia.

Favourite TV programme

The Thick Of It, Mock The Week, Curb Your Enthusiasm.


The Guardian.


Guardian Film and Music on a Friday.


Right now –

Favourite recent marketing campaign

I'll name two: \"Computertan\" (the tan-through-your-PC-screen idea for skin cancer awareness), and \"Let's grow\" (Morrisons in-store and in-school initiative to help children grow fresh fruit and veg).

Favourite brand

Nike – it's important to me to kid myself I have an elite athlete inside, waiting to burst out.

What’s your concession to the recession?

Extravagant wine, smiling.

Who would play you in a movie?

An animated leopard (in an Eastern European production).

Party trick

Air guitar. I am the axe.


Running, reading, movies, rugby, axing. But this year I have mostly been pitching.

What gadget do you think should be invented?

The World Peace-omatic. Failing that, a time-travelling mobile app that tells you the three things you really shouldn't say today.

You’ve got one last Tweet before you die. What do you Tweet?

\"How lucky to be on the first flight of Branson's Virgin Atlantic Moon Shuttle! But what's that noise?\"


Sullivan-Martin leads an impressive strategy team. So impressive, in fact, it landed a place on COI's strategic framework consultancy this year. The man could do with investing his brilliant strategic thinking into his rugby playing, though, or at least in some padding – he regularly shows up to work a physical wreck after a game.


September 1971, Maidstone in Kent.

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