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Lindsay Weedon

Lindsay Weedon


Chief executive



Work Telephone

+44 (0)20 7025 3900


24 Bloomsbury Way, , London, , WC1A 2SL


Career highlights

Tripled the volume of Dr Pepper at Young & Rubicam, posed as Lara Croft on the cover of Promotions & Incentives magazine while at Sony Ericsson and helped Sainsbury's win two IPA gold awards when at PHD.

Favourite TV programme



The Sunday Times.


Condé Nast Traveller (always need to know where I'm going).


Streetmap (again, always need to know where I'm going).

Favourite recent marketing campaign

Sainsbury's \"feed your family for a fiver\".

Favourite brand

Marmite: product and attitude a perfect fit.

What’s your concession to the recession?

Nothing at all; I'm an optimist.

Who would play you in a movie?

Tilda Swinton.

Party trick

After a few drinks I feel compelled to try to improve people's swimming technique...


Swimming, shopping, socialising.

What gadget do you think should be invented?

SleepBank: an account where you can accrue hours of sleep from, say, a long weekend, and bank them to withdraw when you really need them (eg. pre-pitch or post-hangover).

You’ve got one last Tweet before you die. What do you Tweet?

\"Has anyone seen my passport?\"


The former PHD managing partner was fast-tracked to the top job at Maxus this year. The rugby expert will have plenty to tackle in her new role not least getting the new business in and nailing down a clear proposition for Maxus. Renowned for taking no prisoners, Weedon certainly won't shy away from taking tough decisions.


17 April 1973. Chipping Norton.

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