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Ben Walker

Ben Walker


Creative director


Beattie McGuinness Bungay

Work Telephone

(020) 7632 0400


16 Shorts Gardens, London, WC2H 9AU



Shepherd's Bush. 1970.

Favourite media

Radio. 5 Live doesn't come off all weekend.

Favourite app

Nokia SFX. Backgammon. Qik.

Favourite recent ad campaign

That Old Spice nonsense. Sublime.

Three best friends in adland

The people at Deliverance.

Who do you owe most to for your success and why?

There are lots, but Tony and Kim spring to mind. They took a chance on a couple of belligerent motherfuckers with a book full of spec work after fully ten years in the business.

Greatest extravagance

Outlandish wagers. Margeaux.

Greatest achievement

My sourdough bread. Chewy on the outside. Soft, tangy and holy on the inside. A triumph.

What’s your idea of perfect happiness?

Cooking three perfect smoked duck and goats cheese omelettes for Sunday brunch. Not all for me, you understand. The missus and the boy get a forkful too.

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