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John Owen

John Owen


Deputy chairman



Work Telephone

(020) 3451 9101


13-14 Margaret Street, 2nd Floor, London, W1W 8RN



Urmston, Manchester in June 1966, one month before Bobby Moore lifted the World Cup.

Favourite media

My Sky+ planner tells me that Mad Men, The Apprentice, X Factor and Match Of The Day 2 are the TV shows I can't bear to miss. My iGoogle tells me that my favourite online content providers are the BBC, ManchesterOnline and Simon Andrews' excellent Addictive blog. I buy The Guardian but read less and less of it.

Favourite app


Favourite recent ad campaign

Honestly, nothing from the UK has stopped me in my tracks. Which is why everyone's talking about Old Spice.

Three best friends in adland

Maurice Levy, Martin Sorrell and John Wren.

Who do you owe most to for your success and why?

Mark Collier because he had faith in me.

Greatest extravagance

Lee Wright.

Greatest achievement

Being part of the team that won Campaign's Digital Agency of the Decade award.

What’s your idea of perfect happiness?

Manchester City 4-0 Manchester Utd (played at Wembley).

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