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Gavin Wheeler

Gavin Wheeler


Chief executive



Work Telephone

(020) 8870 9200


116, Putney Bridge Road, London, , SW15 2NQ



Worryingly close to Slough, August 1963.

Favourite media

Sunday Times, My Yahoo and Spooks.

Favourite app

Sky Mobile TV.

Favourite recent ad campaign

Worryingly, nothing really stands out. I liked Milky Bar though (but not the taste).

Three best friends in adland

A family affair – my brother Craig, sister Mandy Boyter and wife Susan O'Brien. One of us is going to have to get a proper job soon.

Who do you owe most to for your success and why?

Janet Somerville, my boss at Cable & Wireless Communications: she gave me responsibility with accountability and the confidence and support to get on with it without micro managing. As a team we did some great work with outstanding results that's still talked about now some 13 years on.

Greatest extravagance

The time I dedicate to sports, whether it's participating in or training for running/tri events, coaching kids or managing sports clubs.

Greatest achievement

Surviving the worst recession since the 30s (so far).

What’s your idea of perfect happiness?

Apart from succeeding in everything I do, a sundowner on a remote beach somewhere with the people I love.

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