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Jimmy Maymann

Jimmy Maymann


Co-founder and chairman



Work Telephone

07912 146368


10a Belmont Street, , London, , NW1 8HH



19 October, 1971.

Favourite media

Mad Men, Californication, Campaign, Ad Age, The Guardian.

Favourite app

The Arsenal app. The Bloomberg app. The Skype app.

Favourite recent ad campaign

W&K's Old Spice "responses" campaign.

Three best friends in adland

Nick Brien (McCann Worldgroup), Alastair Aird (MEC) and Bant Breen (Initiative).

Who do you owe most to for your success and why?

Nick Brien for telling me: "It's a mistake not to use your global title to move up in adland rather than go out and found goviral." And for hiring me for the global job in the first place.

Greatest extravagance

Cars and hotels… I love fast cars and great hotels.

Greatest achievement

Running a marathon below three hours.

What’s your idea of perfect happiness?

Perfect sun, perfect powder snow and snowboarding an untouched Valle Blanche in Charmonix with my daughter Stella.

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