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Norm Johnston

Norm Johnston


Global digital leader



Work Telephone

(020) 7969 4207


40 The Strand, , London, , WC2N 5RF



Just before Bobby Moore held the World Cup trophy. First appeared in the great flyover state of Ohio.

Favourite media

S4C. I'm going through a Welsh phase right now. And for a good laugh you can't beat The Onion.

Favourite app

The Sky iPhone app. Let's me regain control of my Sky+ box from the kids.

Favourite recent ad campaign

The Tipp-Ex "A hunter shoots a bear" campaign is an instant classic.

Three best friends in adland

I'm still trying to find one person willing to be my friend!

Who do you owe most to for your success and why?

GM O'Connell (founder of Modem Media) for letting me drink digital Kool-Aid way back in '95.

Greatest extravagance

Buying old 2-Tone 45s.

Greatest achievement

Understanding cricket.

What’s your idea of perfect happiness?

My three boys, a big bowl of popcorn, some Belgian beer, Where Eagles Dare on TV.

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