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Paul Graham

Paul Graham


Founding partner



Work Telephone

+44798 055763


76-80 Southwark Street, , London, , SE1 0PN



Left in a box outside The Whittington in Archway, in the deepest 70s.

Favourite media

Monocle in a good month. BBC and Guardian apps when I remember.

Favourite app

Grindr (look it up if you dare!). The businessman in me wants to admire the identification of a valuable niche, targeted with excellent location-based social software. The romantic in me is not so sure...

Favourite recent ad campaign

Old Spice.

Three best friends in adland

Laurence Parkes, Johnny Vulkan, Matthew Robinson – you should work with the people you rate and like the most. Laurence got away... Geoff is proving to be a super sub, though.

Who do you owe most to for your success and why?

Rebecca Munds, CHI's uber-planner. She taught me her trick (I hope!) of striving to be f**king brilliant at all times, yet not giving two hoots about it all really. (No-one dies. Unless you're doing something very strangely, creepily wrong.)

Greatest extravagance

Getting up late.

Greatest achievement

Starting an agency with one founder. Talk about doing it the hard way.

What’s your idea of perfect happiness?

Friends. (Not the TV show.)

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