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Carl Johnson

Carl Johnson


Founding partner



Work Telephone

+1 917 595 2222


76-80 Southwark Street, , London, , SE1 0PN



A surprisingly long time ago in Scotland.

Favourite media

The Wire, The Guardian, Tablet Hotels, iTunes, Cool Hunting.

Favourite app

Johnny Vulkan.

Favourite recent ad campaign


Three best friends in adland

Answer that and lose a lot more!

Who do you owe most to for your success and why?

Dave Trott for three reasons: first, his uncompromising "black and white" attitude to everything which forced a clarity of thinking that has helped me every single day since; second, for the tolerance for pain the GGT experience created; third, for assembling a collection of talent to learn from (including his partners) that was remarkable in depth and breadth – Simon Clemmow, Jim Kelly and many, many others.

Greatest extravagance

Two years off in Sydney.

Greatest achievement

Being crystal clear about what I do and don't value.

What’s your idea of perfect happiness?

Reading Le Carre, listening to Radiohead, while lying down watching the wife and children splashing about on Bondi.

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