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John Overend

John Overend


Managing director


OPera Media

Work Telephone

(020) 3037 7013


Fitzroy House, 11 Chenies Street, London, WC1E 7EY



Watford, 14 May 1963.

Favourite media

Mad Men, Sunday Times, FT.

Favourite app

Talking Carl.

Favourite recent ad campaign

Cadbury "spots vs stripes".

Three best friends in adland

Hopefully I have more than three.

Who do you owe most to for your success and why?

Steve Booth. My first group manager at Dorlands Advertising. Gave me my first insight into the business.

Greatest extravagance

Cars, Champagne, watches, houses – spending money, basically!

Greatest achievement

More than 24 years in the business.

What’s your idea of perfect happiness?

Talking to my children (two and five years).

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