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Paul Frampton

Paul Frampton


Managing director


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Work Telephone

(020) 7393 2436


11 Great Newport Street, , London, , WC2H 7JA



Between the docks and Fratton Park in Pompey.

Favourite media

Tweetdeck gives me all the news I need, when I need it. Will never miss Top Gear or Outnumbered thanks to iPlayer.

Favourite app

Spotify on my iPhone, which streams my music wirelessly around my house, in the car and when I'm out and about. V. cool.

Favourite recent ad campaign

This year's been pretty mediocre so far so would have to say Old Spice. That or the Tippex You Tube work.

Three best friends in adland

Dan Clays, Stuart Colman and Jon Buckley.

Who do you owe most to for your success and why?

John Mcloughlin, who has mentored me since day one and, more latterly, Mark Craze for teaching me to write a business plan.

Greatest extravagance

My TT and beach hut.

Greatest achievement

Making MD by the age of 34.

What’s your idea of perfect happiness?

Sailing around the Greek Islands with my wife and three kids and watching my BlackBerry drop to the bottom of the Med.

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