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Enda McCarthy

Enda McCarthy


Chief executive


Publicis Modem

Work Telephone

(020) 7830 3523


82 Baker Street, , London, , W1U 6AE



Hereford, between the last days of the Splitty and the first days of the Bay.

Favourite media

Launched by IPC on 14 February 1976 and banned on 16 October 1976, Action was the greatest ever comic. Currently being redeveloped, is dedicated to all things Action, including complete reprints of all the stories. God-like genius.

Favourite app


Favourite recent ad campaign

"I'm on a horse", obvs.

Three best friends in adland

Chips, Dale and Scud.

Who do you owe most to for your success and why?

Di for hiring me; Ben for demonstrating that anything is possible if you're prepared to ignore the collateral damage; Indra, Shearer and then Nick, for teaching me how creativity works; Pinners for teaching me how the money works; Mark and Brett for showing me what an agency can be; Lord Carter for taking a chance; and, finally, Jonesy, for developing my new-found maturity and poise.

Greatest extravagance

My watches, my glasses, and my wife's handbags.

Greatest achievement

I passed the Parachute Regiment's pre-Officer's Selection Course when I was 18 and when it was hard, and I once scored a goal direct from a corner, bending it inside the near post and beyond the flailing arms of the keeper.

What’s your idea of perfect happiness?

Bag of chips please. Open.

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