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Nick Hastings

Nick Hastings





Work Telephone

+44 (0)20 7025 0004.


The Smokery, 2 Green Hill Rents, London, EC1M 6BN


1st January 1958

Fantasy business partner

I once worked with a bloke in LA who had a constant supply of cash inside his socks. He'd be good.

How do you off-set your carbon footprint?

I don't.

Greatest influence

A cliche I know, but it's my parents.


Crystal Palace FC.

Favourite gadget

I don't have any because I wouldn't know how to make them work.

Desert island objects

iPod, mobile phone, pad (shit, no pen).

Most-admired politician

I pray it will be Gordon Brown, because he won't put up with any bullshit.

Favourite media

The Observer, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Radio Five Live,

Biggest risk taken

Nothing I have done felt that risky at the time.

Perfect day

Let's play football girls.

Who should play you in the film of your life?

Mr Bojangles.

Career highlights

Founding Krow.

Fictional hero

Chili Palmer.

Best job outside advertising

Selling second-hand clothes in Chinatown.


The former Euro RSCG creative director may not have notched up any awards at Cannes this year, but under Hastings, the agency has retained all its business in its second year. Spare a thought for his brother, Steve, founder of rival agency Isobel. One wonders the mood at a family reunion last April after Krow snatched the £8 million Ilva business direct from his brother's shop.

Most expensive purchase

My children's education.

Why are you good at what you do?

If I answer this question, it's all over really, isn't it?

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