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Anthony Noguera

Anthony Noguera


Editor-in-chief, FHM, Arena, Arena Homme Plus, Zoo



Work Telephone



4th Floor, 40 Bernard Street, London, WC1N 1LW


17th July 1969

Fantasy business partner

Rupert Murdoch.

How do you off-set your carbon footprint?

I'll sue anyone who says that I have a carbon footprint.


The Metallica Fan Club. Don't ask.

Favourite gadget

Canon EOS 350D and Powershot G7, Apple Mac G4 laptop.

Desert island objects

Digital camera, iPod, Mac laptop and wireless broadband connection.

Most-admired politician

Arnold Schwarzenegger. So psychotically focused on future goals that he doesn't have any photos in his house because "they are about the past".

Favourite media

Although I read all the obvious candidates every day, newspapers are a constant source of disappointment, Sky News, I never listen to the radio if I can possibly avoid it,

Biggest risk taken

Agreeing to return to, reinvent and relaunch FHM after five years away. "It can't be done," said, well, pretty much everyone. Luckily for me, they were wrong.

Perfect day

Children skip off to school having dressed themselves. Get a seat on the Piccadilly line. Sales audit says FHM is above target. Jessica Alba calls to say she'd love to shoot for the cover. Kilgour ask if I would like another bespoke suit. Have time for a martial arts lesson. Go home, put the children to bed and have a Thai takeaway with my wife. Christopher Hitchens reads me a bedtime story.

Who should play you in the film of your life?


Career highlights

Editing the highest-selling issue of a monthly magazine in European publishing history (and being the only editor to sell a million copies of a monthly magazine). Editing the highest-selling issues of FHM, Zoo and Arena.

Fictional hero

Max Rockatansky.

Best job outside advertising

Cleaning operating theatres.


FHM's newly appointed editor-in-chief is steering the title back to glory following the sector-wide downturn. Ironically, as editor of a leading weekly men's magazine, he probably contributed to this trend in the first place. The eBay fanatic has unparalleled experience in the sector, having joined FHM as its features editor in 1996. If there's anyone out there can reverse fortunes in this area, it's Noguera.

Most expensive purchase

Just bought a pram the price of which brought a tear to my eye.

Why are you good at what you do?

I try not to analyse it just in case I jinx it.

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