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George Bryant

George Bryant




The Brooklyn Brothers

Work Telephone

(020) 7292 6200


11-29, Smith's Court, London, , W1D 7DP

Work e-mail

Date of birth


The best thing about my job is...

The people I work with.

The key thing I've learnt recently is...


The best advice I've ever had is...

Keep your promises.

If I was 21 again, I would...

Call me up for a job.

The thing that really inspires me is...

My partners.

The last time I was embarrassed was...


The last time I was excited was...


I'd describe my personal style as...

South of the river.

I really love...

My bike.

I really wish I had...

More bikes.

I really wish I hadn't...

Ever been to Croydon.

The worst thing about me is...

My taste in 80s hip hop.

You might not know this but I'm...

A Big Daddy Kane fan.

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