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Sue Little

Sue Little


Chief Executive Officer


McCann Erickson

Work Telephone

+44 (0)1625 822206.


Communications House, 7-11 Herbrand Street, London, WC1N 1EX


1st January 1955

Fantasy business partner

Delia Smith to launch a chain of tea shops a la Bettys and Taylors of Harrogate.

How do you off-set your carbon footprint?

Not very well, given my passion for travel.

Greatest influence

One basic belief. Live for today.



Favourite gadget

A pineapple slicer from Lakeland. So clever.

Desert island objects

Mobile phone, list book and pen, Clarins day cream.

Most-admired politician

William Hague. Brilliant on his feet, Razor-like wit and intelligence, magnanimous in defeat.

Favourite media

The Mail on Sunday, Conde Naste Traveller, Spooks, Radio 2,

Biggest risk taken

Have always managed to convince myself that every potential risk was a golden opportunity.

Perfect day

One that features sunshine, sea and shopping!

Who should play you in the film of your life?

Helen Mirren.

Career highlights

Just one. Twenty-three happy (and quite successful) years with one fantastic agency.

Fictional hero

Mr Darcy (as played by Colin Firth) in Pride & Prejudice.

Best job outside advertising

Running a bar on a Spanish campsite.


Little has continued to shy away from the media spotlight, much to the annoyance of the McCann network. After all, she runs the biggest regional agency network in the UK, something that most chief executives would be proud to shout about.

Most expensive purchase

A holiday in Bora Bora.

Why are you good at what you do?

Has to be down to an eternal sense of optimism.

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