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Helen Weisinger

Helen Weisinger


Chief marketing officer


McCann London

Work Telephone

(020) 7961 2041


Communications House, 7-11 Herbrand Street, London, , WC1N 1EX

Work e-mail

Date of birth

8 January 1971

The best thing about my job is...

Always being surrounded by inspiring people.

The key thing I've learnt recently is...

Broaden my horizons.

The best advice I've ever had is...

Always leave a party when you're having a good time.

If I was 21 again, I would...

Learn to speak Mandarin.

The thing that really inspires me is...

The Irwins.

The last time I was embarrassed was...

Put it this way, it involved being caught in a compromising position by my nine-year-old daughter.

The last time I was excited was...

DO lectures 2011.

I'd describe my personal style as...

Whirling dervish.

I really love...

People that make me laugh, cop copine, Ocado, angel therapy rooms, the Datai, Cornwall, Sunday roasts, Christmas day.

I really wish I had...

More time and money.

I really wish I hadn't...

Chundered in front of my two-year-old, on the street outside my house, after a night out with Chris Macdonald.

The worst thing about me is...

Inability to hold my drink.

You might not know this but I'm...

Welsh and proud.

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