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Mark Elwood

Mark Elwood





Work Telephone

(020) 7870 8101


9 Rathbone Place, , London, London, W1T 1HW

Work e-mail

Date of birth

26 November 1971

The best thing about my job is...

I have no idea but I like it.

The key thing I've learnt recently is...

Don't just think about the work, think about the business. I quite liked that. I'm still wondering whether I've learnt it though.

The best advice I've ever had is...

Join up with the other partners of 101. And "don't f**k it up" from Rich on a weekly basis.

If I was 21 again, I would...

Have learnt how to play the guitar or drums really, really well.

The thing that really inspires me is...

Arduino's at the moment. Limitless personal creativity.

The last time I was embarrassed was...

When BT, under my direction, connected 101's broadband to the wrong building.

The last time I was excited was...

When BT, under my direction, connected 101's broadband to the right building.

I'd describe my personal style as...

Hit and miss. More miss than hit at the moment.

I really love...

My family would say my iPhone. But I really love running at this precise moment.

I really wish I had...

A much bigger, more eloquent brain. And a much better understanding of DIY and directions.

I really wish I hadn't...

See "the last time I was embarrassed".

The worst thing about me is...

My aggressive/defensive nature evidently.

You might not know this but I'm...

A trained ninja.

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