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Rob Atkinson

Rob Atkinson


Chief operating officer


Clear Channel Outdoor

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London, W1F 9JT

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Date of birth

Along time ago

The best thing about my job is...

Having the ability to influence and change our business for the good.

The key thing I've learnt recently is...

The only certainty in life is change.

The best advice I've ever had is...

The mind is like a parachute, it works best when it's open.

If I was 21 again, I would...

Be fretting over my growing debt at university.

The thing that really inspires me is...

Passionate, bright, creative people. Leaders who have turned around a business and made them incredibly successful.

The last time I was embarrassed was...

I don't get easily embarrassed.

The last time I was excited was...

When my four-year-old daughter started swimming recently.

I'd describe my personal style as...

Leading by example.

I really love...

Travelling to far-flung places, fine wines, skiing, West Brom and the cinema… not necessarily in that order.

I really wish I had...

Bought Apple shares in 1997 when Steve Jobs returned to take it over.

I really wish I hadn't...

Offered to host Xmas dinner last year as we ended up cooking for 15 family and friends.

The worst thing about me is...

My time-keeping… at least that's what my PA tells me all the time.

You might not know this but I'm...

Very generous.

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