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Barnaby Dawe

Barnaby Dawe


Former managing director

Work Telephone



1st January 1966

Fantasy business partner

Gordon Ramsay.

How do you off-set your carbon footprint?

Audi RS4 for sale. Contact details supplied...

Greatest influence

My family and closest friends.


The usual haunts 50 St James, Century, Soho HS, Groucho in fact everywhere Mike Andersen is.

Favourite gadget

My new Audi RS4.

Desert island objects

Wine, iPod, a pretty girl.

Most-admired politician

Al Gore for environmentalism.

Favourite media

Don't be silly, even sillier, Top Gear, LBC, and now you're being silly again.

Biggest risk taken

Putting my expenses through to Stephen Miron.

Perfect day

With my boys Oli and Freddie anytime, anywhere.

Who should play you in the film of your life?

Any of the Gordons, Ramsay or Gekko.

Career highlights

They're not highlights, it's actually grey hair!

Fictional hero

Piers Morgan, he has to be fictional.

Best job outside advertising

Trans-Africa truck driver with 25 women passengers.


The impish and amusing Dawe was doing nicely at Heart until Global Radio moved in. Dawe was among the casualties as the new owners launched a clear-out; expect him to look for a return to his old love: television.

Most expensive purchase

This weeks most expensive purchase was Claudine Collins birthday present!.

Why are you good at what you do?

Long-lasting relationships that deliver.

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