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Alexander Schmidt-Vogel

Alexander Schmidt-Vogel

Work Telephone

+49 30 695 807 11.


4th April 1949


Tool's 10,000 Days.


The Five Rings by Musashi.

Breakfast radio show

Peters Bastelstunde.

Career history

Started as a trainee at Gramm & Grey 1976; in 1988, became the chief executive of the newly established MediaCom Germany; in 2002, appointed chief executive of MediaCom Worldwide.

Daily newspaper

The New York Times.

Everyone's saying

The gadget-loving WPP-man, who likes to unwind by bashing his drum kit, is still famed for his client-facing skills.


Wife; two sons.

Favourite ad

The latest Audi commercials - always innovative.

Favourite technology

My brand-new Nokia N73.

Greatest achievement

Hopefully: team playing with my colleagues (as the opposite of ego playing).

Magazine (pleasure)

City Berlin.

Magazine (professional)

Manager Magazin.

Most humbling experience

Most politicians work for their ego, not for their constituents.

Most-admired entrepreneur

Steve Jobs, because he created a totally new communication channel with the iPod.

Sunday newspaper

The Sunday New York Times.

TV programme

Curb Your Enthusiasm.


What car do you own

Volkswagen Touareg.

What principle defines your working life

The next thing is always the most exciting.

Additional Information

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