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David Alberts

David Alberts


Chairman and executive creative director


Grey London

Work Telephone

+44 (0)20 7413 2546.


215-227 Great Portland Street, London, W1W


30th July 1964


Stone Roses.


Ayn Rand - Fountainhead. Still relevant.

Daily newspaper

The Guardian and The Sun (balance).

Everyone's saying

Alberts started the year off with a bang by putting out the very memorable AOL work, but hasn't repeated that feat since then. Constant rumours of him launching a start-up may have affected his concentration.


Married with four children.

Favourite ad

we want you to live' campaign from the 60s. 'We want you to drive safely, not speed, not crash, because we want you to live because if you're dead you won't buy any more petrol.' Brilliant. Social responsibility campaign that made business sense. Very relevant.

Favourite technology

Satnav in the car and airport card in the Mac. Perfect when I go walkabout.

Greatest achievement

Staying relevant and still loving what I do.

Magazine (pleasure)

I'm in a book reading/newspaper reading mode.

Magazine (professional)

Was Fast Company. Is____?

Most humbling experience

Being involved in TED organisation and realising how fast I have to pedal to stay relevant.

Most-admired entrepreneur

Jeff Skoll, the founder of eBay, created what I believe is the best long-term sustainable web community that truly brings Tim Berners Lee's vision to life. And now he is using his brains, money and influence to create Participant Films, a high-quality, highly creative, socially relevant film company that will change the world.

Sunday newspaper

Saturday's Guardian, The Observer.

TV programme

Not relevant.

Website (I have to say that really).

What car do you own

Fleet of black 'carbon neutral' radio taxis.

What principle defines your working life

The internet saves the world.

Additional Information

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