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Debbie Klein

Debbie Klein


Chief executive


The Engine Group/WCRS

Work Telephone

(020) 3128 6030


60 Great Portland Street, , London, , W1W 7RT

Work e-mail

How's your year been?

I have two kids, work in a vibrant agency and am completing the Advanced Management Programme at Harvard Business School. Fair to say, it's been a pretty exhausting year.

Learnt anything new lately?

That even with a recent trip to Fenway Park to watch the Red Sox play the Yankees, I doubt I'll ever really "get" baseball.

What will be the biggest change in adland in five years?

I couldn't predict this last time you asked this question and I'm afraid I'm no closer to the answer now.

What are your biggest challenges?

Keeping one step ahead.

What are you really loving right now?

Skype… it's enabling me to keep in touch with my family while away from home.

What's your favourite ad this year?

The baby Minis driving around the Olympic stadium.

What's your favourite app?

Jam's Get Your Flag Out app – although it would have been nice to hear it play the South African national anthem as much as the British one during the Olympics.

Who's your (wo)man of the year?

Bolt – and watching him cross that finish line.

What's the most interesting thing about you right now?

I've gone back to school.

What could you win a gold medal for?

My chocolate cake.

What obsesses you?

Helping smart and driven people achieve what they deserve.

What keeps you sane?

My wonderful kids and Josie.

What will be your downfall?

That chocolate cake.

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