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Daniel Kleinman

Daniel Kleinman




Rattling Stick

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(020) 7851 2000


39-43 Brewer Street, London, W1F 9UD

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How's your year been?

Very busy, very interesting. We opened Rattling Stick USA and I directed the title sequence for the latest James Bond film as well as lots of ads for the UK and US. I've enjoyed developing the company as well as being a director. The death of Stephen Blackman, a wonderful lighting cameraman with whom I've collaborated for many years, was a big blow.

Learnt anything new lately?

Shanghai is pretty amazing in many ways but difficult to shoot there. Having now done it, I'm forewarned about some of the challenges of filming in China.

What will be the biggest change in adland in five years?

I predict a revival in traditional TV advertising, as people start to remember that contrary to what our parents told us, watching TV is a pretty positive pastime as it's perhaps one of the few occassions a family gets together to share an experience, rather than all sitting in their rooms "interacting" with their electronic devices.

What are your biggest challenges?

Communication. It's always the most important thing, and despite one's best efforts, there's plenty of room for misunderstanding when filming in China.

What are you really loving right now?

Art, music, wine, plants, books, food, not sport.

What's your favourite ad this year?

I absolutely loved Andy McCleod's Mattessons "Hank Marvin' ad, and not just because he's a Rattling Stick director. I was and am a Shadows fan – I used to play Apache in my school band. I find the ad charming, witty, understated and an antidote to overly slick and fashion-led ads – the enigmatic build-up has a killer pay-off. Also, it's great work for, let's face it, unsexy stuff. I'm sure it speaks to the Mattessons customers but I defy anyone with a sense of humour not to

What's your favourite app?

I like Instagram. It's silly but nice to see what people are doing and where – it's Twitter for those who prefer images.

Who's your (wo)man of the year?

James Bond, he's 91 and he's celebrating his 50th year making movies this year.

What's the most interesting thing about you right now?

I'm as dull as I look.

What could you win a gold medal for?

Thinking deeply with my eyes closed horizontal on the sofa.

What obsesses you?

Blues music. I bought my first blues album, a Blind Lemon Jefferson record, aged about 14 and I've been obsessed ever since.

What keeps you sane?

The usual; the wife, the work, the love of the next challenge, the dogs, the people I meet, my friends, the weeding, the chime of the clock at cocktail hour.

What will be your downfall?


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