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Stephen Miron

Stephen Miron


Group chief executive


Global Radio

Work Telephone

(020) 7766 6077


The Chrysalis Building, 13 Bramlet Road, London, W10 6SP

Work e-mail

How's your year been?

Great, thank you, how about you?

Learnt anything new lately?

If you're in a bunker, swing long and wide. Seems to work well in all situations.

What will be the biggest change in adland in five years?

Radio will become a 10 per cent medium.

What are your biggest challenges?

Continuing to make radio a bigger piece of the advertising cake.

What are you really loving right now?

Our latest new products, Capital TV and Heart TV.

What's your favourite ad this year?

On radio: Women's Aid by Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO – it was just impossible to ignore. On TV: the British Airways Olympics ads were superb.

What's your favourite app?

Own brands aside, Angry Birds Space is proving to be rather addictive at the moment!

Who's your (wo)man of the year?

Lord Coe ∧ Jade Jones – Seb for leading the most incredible showcase this country has ever seen, and Jade for pure unbridled dedication to her sport overcoming personal adversity. Both unbelievably inspiring.

What's the most interesting thing about you right now?

I'm naked as I write this.

What could you win a gold medal for?


What obsesses you?

Anyone who either works at Global or has visited us will have seen Global Obsession. It says it all.

What keeps you sane?

The Miron girls – I'm outnumbered.

What will be your downfall?

See above.

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