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Howard Draft

Howard Draft


Chairman CEO


Draft/FCB Group UK

Work Telephone

+1 312-944-3500.


633 Clair St.,


28th December 1953


Dave Mason's Alone Together.


The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand.

Breakfast radio show


Career history

Stone & Adler - assistant account executive; 1978: Kobs & Brady - account executive; 1986: Kobs & Draft - president; 1988: Draft - chairman and CEO; 2006: Draft/FCB - chairman and CEO.

Daily newspaper

The New York Times.

Everyone's saying

Draft took his place alongside advertising's heavyweights when his successful direct network merged with the ailing FCB. He looks like IPG's white knight having rescued one of its troubled ad networks after rejecting a similar deal with Lowe.


Three children.

Favourite ad

American Express 'portraits'.

Favourite technology


Greatest achievement

Giving a speech back in 1992 where I shared my vision for the day when a general ad agency and a direct agency could come together and eliminate all lines - and then achieving it with the creation of Draft/FCB.

Magazine (pleasure)

Vanity Fair.

Magazine (professional)

Business Week.

Most humbling experience

Standing back and watching our brilliant pitch team win the Wal-Mart business; I work with some very smart people.

Most-admired entrepreneur

Steve Jobs.

Sunday newspaper

The New York Times.

TV programme



My kids' Facebook sites.

What car do you own

Aston Martin DB9, Range Rover.

What principle defines your working life

Work hard, but have fun doing it.

Additional Information

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