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Ivan Pollard

Ivan Pollard




Naked Communications

Work Telephone

+44 (0)20 7663 1771.


159-173 St John Street, London, EC1V


Sound Affects by The Jam; Love & Happiness by Al Green; A Human Sound by The Faith Brothers.


A Prayer for Owen Meaney by John Irving; The Thought Gang by Tibor Fischer; The Great Jelly of London by Paul Jennings; and whatever book I happen to be reading at the moment.

Breakfast radio show


Career history

Paper boy, 1972-1978; Little chef in a Little Chef, 1979; Nottingham University Student Union secretary, 1984; Community artist and warden, Radford Community Centre, 1985-1986; Print buyer, Berry Whitehouse, Nottingham, 1986-1987; Media planner, BMP, 1987-1995; European media director, Wieden & Kennedy, 1995-1998; Office junior, Unity, 1998-2003; Partner, The Ingram Partnership, 2003-2005; Partner, Naked Communications, 2006 - to date.

Daily newspaper

The Guardian.

Everyone's saying

Pollard's 15 minutes on transmedia planning at the Campaign/APG Battle of Big Thinking in October was a tour de force. No wonder Naked asked him to be its fourth partner.


Wife - Elizabeth, mother - Marilyn, father - Roy... happily divorced, brother - Dominic... maths teacher in Lincolnshire, going bald, brother - Darryl... motorbike mechanic, reprobate, beardy bloke, sister - Tami... holiday rep on Cyprus, too badly behaved to be on Sky.

Favourite ad

Instant Karma' for Nike by Wieden & Kennedy, closely followed by 'Cresta Bear - it's frothy man' by BMP.

Favourite technology

The combination hot water boiler closely followed by the computer. And my least favourite is the mobile phone.

Greatest achievement

Enjoying every day... almost.

Magazine (pleasure)

British Journal of Photography, Agent Provocateur Catalogue, Stuff and Grazia.

Magazine (professional)

Campaign... what do you really expect us to say

Most humbling experience

The London Triathlon 2006... neoprene and cold water.

Most-admired entrepreneur

Sir Clive Sinclair... a testament to the triumph of imagination over practicality.

Sunday newspaper

The Observer.

TV programme

Match of the Day. Even now, I try never to miss it and the theme music makes me reach for my Adidas Copa Mundials and rush upstairs to pull on a pair of nylon shorts (of the style worn by Kenny Sansom circa 1979).


What car do you own

I don't, I much prefer to bike, walk, run or teleport.

What principle defines your working life

To be big is good, to be good is better but to be both is best.

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