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John Ayling

John Ayling


Managing director


John AylingAssociates

Work Telephone

+44 (0)20 7439 6070.


27 Soho Square, London, W1D


18th April 1944


Brothers in Arms - Dire Straits.


Wisden Almanac.

Breakfast radio show

Five Live.

Career history

Media assistant.Masius, 1965-1967. Media planner, SH Benson, 1967-1968. Media manager, Garland-Compton, 1968-1971. Media director, Kirkwood Co, 1971-1978. Founded JAA in 1978.

Daily newspaper

The Daily Telegraph.

Everyone's saying

So long a fixture in the media world, it is often assumed that Ayling and his company has become an almost hallowed institution. But to survive it has to keep doing the business - and the company's continued solid performance speaks volumes for Ayling's appetite for the fray. It's hardly worth mentioning that Ayling is also a cricket fanatic... is there anyone in the business that doesn't know?


Wife Lyn and daughter Caroline (23).

Favourite ad

Levi's 'launderette' for historic/nostalgic reasons.

Favourite technology

My mountain bike.

Greatest achievement

Completing two London marathons in past three years raising £340,000.

Magazine (pleasure)

Golf Punk.

Magazine (professional)

The Economist.

Most humbling experience

Being overtaken by a rhinoceros in the Mall at the end of this year's London Marathon.

Most-admired entrepreneur

My wife's bank manager.

Sunday newspaper

The Sunday Times/Telegraph.

TV programme

Any major sports programme - especially the Ryder Cup.


Lord's Taverners (

What car do you own

Mercedes CLK.

What principle defines your working life

It's not a rehearsal.

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