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John Poorta

John Poorta




Leo Burnett

Work Telephone



Warwick Building, Kensington Village, Avonmore Road, London, W14 8HQ


17th November 1953


The White Album is the one I'd take to heaven if I could.


The Beatles Recording Sessions by Ian MacDonald.

Breakfast radio show

I listen to audio books on my iPod

Career history

I'm a one-agency man, since 1977.

Daily newspaper

The Independent 'ish but none really.

Everyone's saying

Since shaking the shackles of running the Burnett planning department, the well-respected Poorta has been free to fill a roving role in the agency, offering help, advice and a steady hand.


Amanda MacKenzie (brand marketing director at British Gas) is my missus of 15 years. Alice and Jacob are the wee ones.

Favourite ad

The one I'm working on.

Favourite technology

The sleeveless cardigan.

Greatest achievement

Persuading Amanda to marry me.

Magazine (pleasure)

Jacob's Lego Club magazine is a good read.

Magazine (professional)

None really.

Most humbling experience

Being loved by Amanda.

Most-admired entrepreneur

Shona of, designer dress agency and styling service.

Sunday newspaper

Sports pages of The Sunday Times.


What car do you own

Volvo Estate, four years old.

What principle defines your working life

Hang around and see what happens.

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