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Chris Thomas

Chris Thomas


Chairman and chief executive


BBDO Asia-Pacific

Work Telephone

+6 565 332 200.


Temasek Tower, 8 Shenton Way, Singapore, 068811


1st January 1962

Fantasy business partner

David Abbott.

How do you off-set your carbon footprint?

I invested in a company called Climate Change Capital five years ago. It was set up by a friend to trade carbon credits and to manage investments in eco-friendly companies. I step on planes four times a week. I do so with a clearer conscience and a slightly heavier wallet.

Greatest influence

My parents.


Singapore Island Country Club.

Favourite gadget

Bose sound system.

Desert island objects

My kitesurfer. My wife. And my children.

Most-admired politician

Margaret Thatcher, for clarity of purpose and ability to implement.

Favourite media

The Week, The Economist, BBC World, Service, Google News (I am an expat).

Biggest risk taken

Kitesurfing 26 miles from Rottnest Island to Perth in Western Australia.

Perfect day

Perth Western Australia. 4.30am alarm. 5.00am, tee off with my wife and four children. 10.00am brunch. Snooze. 12.30pm rig kitesurfer. 1.00pm to 6.00pm kitesurf the Freemantle Doctor. 7.30pm steak, bottle of Cape Mentelle. 10.00pm check alarm is set. Bed.

Who should play you in the film of your life?

I dread to think.

Career highlights

Eleven years spent at Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO as it grew into the most successful agency in London. A rollercoaster at Ammirat Puris Lintas soon to be renamed Lowe Lintas. Three years at Proximity London learning that some of the smartest people in the communications business work in what is laughably called "below the line". Nearly two years in Asia, in the most dynamic region in the world.

Fictional hero

Ayn Rand's John Galt.

Best job outside advertising

Prawn trawlerman.


Currently looking at BBDO's shortcomings in Asia a region with huge growth potential in typical high-octane fashion. Ebullient, and with a laugh capable of being heard the length and breadth of the Pacific, he has a reputation for being both indefatigable and undeflated by pressure.

Most expensive purchase

A 16-foot Taipan racing catamaran.

Why are you good at what you do?

I love it. Every minute of it.

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