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Mainardo de Nardis

Mainardo de Nardis


Global chief executive


Aegis Media

Work Telephone

+44 (0)20 7070 7761.


43-45 Portman Square, London, W1H


24th November 1960


The Doors - The Doors.


All history books.

Breakfast radio show

No way! Need total silence in the morning

Career history

1980-1985: Account executive, Y&R Milan. 1985-1987: Managing director, Alberto Cremona advertising agency, Milan. 1987-1993: Chief executive, Medianetwork Milan. 1993-2001: Global chief executive, CIA; director, Tempus Group. 2001-2005: Global chief executive, Mediaedge:cia. 2006, Global chief executive, Aegis Media; director, Aegis Group.

Daily newspaper

Financial Times and Corriere della Sera.

Everyone's saying

After an agonising period in his garden as he served his notice period for WPP, the charming and impressive de Nardis finally joined Aegis in autumn this year - just in time to welcome the mighty £400 million General Motors media business into the Aegis fold.


Two sons, aged 14 and 12.

Favourite ad

Online work for Mini by glue London.

Favourite technology

BlackBerry; love and hate relationship.

Greatest achievement

The next one.

Magazine (pleasure)

The Economist.

Magazine (professional)


Most humbling experience

Not sharing this publicly...

Most-admired entrepreneur

Chris Ingram.

Sunday newspaper

The Sunday Times.

TV programme

News/current affairs.



What car do you own

Classic Aston Martin.

What principle defines your working life

Nothing is impossible.

Additional Information

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