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Maureen Duffy

Maureen Duffy


Chief executive


Newspaper Marketing Agency

Work Telephone

+44 (0)20 7182 1700.


Fourth Floor, Empire House, 175 Piccadilly, London, W1J


4th May 1959


Too many to choose from.


Too many to choose from.

Breakfast radio show


Career history

Daytime controller, ITV; controller, TV marketing, BBC; worldwide partner, JWT.

Daily newspaper


Everyone's saying

Duffy has succeeded in winning over even the most hardened of sceptics in the newspaper publishing community (they'd have preferred an old-style bruiser or, even better, no-one at all) by producing some persuasive initiatives. But times remain tough for the nationals, with circulations fragile and a new freesheet war could open up old fault lines. It may take considerable charisma on Duffy's part to hold the NMA together.

Favourite ad

It keeps changing.

Favourite technology

Washing machine.

Greatest achievement

Professionally, the creation of the NMA from scratch.

Magazine (pleasure)

Not really.

Magazine (professional)

All the main ones.

Most humbling experience

Working on the marketing of the documentary Through the Eyes of the Child while at the BBC and seeing just how tough life can be for children so young.

Most-admired entrepreneur

Bill Gates.

Sunday newspaper


TV programme

Depends on my mood.

Website is vital to get me to the right place.

What car do you own

I don't.

What principle defines your working life

Treat others as I'd wish to be treated.

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