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Mike Anderson

Mike Anderson


Managing director


News Group Newspapers

Work Telephone

+44 (0)20 7782 3722.


1 Virginia Street, London, E98 1DA


11th October 1963


Queen, A Night At The Opera/Day At The Races.


Don't read them.

Breakfast radio show

LBC - Nick Ferrari.

Career history

News Group Newspapers, 1 Virginia Street, London E98.

Daily newspaper

The Sun,

Everyone's saying

Anderson has well and truly hit the ground running at News Group, taking The Sun into the digital age with a series of new product launches. His ebullient approach and willingness to take risks show little sign of diminishing and his appointment of Mark Chippendale as his media director was in keeping with his habit of making interesting, less than obvious hirings.


Three children.

Favourite ad

BT 'Stephen Hawking'.

Favourite technology


Greatest achievement

Learning to listen.

Magazine (pleasure)

The Sunday Times.

Magazine (professional)

Marketing Week.

Most humbling experience

Trying to run the Evening Standard.

Most-admired entrepreneur

The ones I am helping grow

Sunday newspaper

The News of the World, The Sunday Times.

TV programme



What car do you own

Volkswagen Bug (Beetle) and BMW X5.

What principle defines your working life

Be frank.

Additional Information

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