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Stuart Pocock

Stuart Pocock

Work Telephone



26th June 1951


The Beautiful Game (Euro '96 compilation).


Down to a Sunless Sea by David Graham.

Breakfast radio show


Career history

Automotive engineer, Goodyear Tyre & Rubber. 1968-1972. Deputy advertising manager, International Paints, 1972-1974. Writer, Austin Knight Advertising, 1974-1975. Account executive to director, Charles Barker Black & Gross, 1975-1978. Account director, Shackle Hanmer & Partners, 1978-1979. Deputy managing director, MCS, 1979-1982. Managing director, Wethey Scott Pocock, 1982-1988. Managing director, Pocock & Co, 1988-1998.

Daily newspaper

The Independent.

Everyone's saying

Pocock surprised the industry when he walked out of Agency Assessments to launch his own venture. Details are still sketchy, but his likeable disposition should set him in good stead.


Just my long-suffering Wife Ro.

Favourite ad

Pretty much anything that John Webster did.

Favourite technology

Minnox Spy Camera (like the one James Bond used to have).

Greatest achievement

Watch this space!

Magazine (pleasure)


Magazine (professional)

Campaign - natch!

Most humbling experience

Flying Ryanair.

Most-admired entrepreneur

Sir Donald Gosling.

Sunday newspaper

The Sunday Times.

TV programme

Top Gear.



What car do you own

Maserati Coupe, Mini Cooper S.

What principle defines your working life

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Additional Information

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