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Wayne Arnold

Wayne Arnold

Work Telephone

+44 (0)20 7529 8708.


2nd August 1974


Recently, Raconteurs - Broken Boy Soliders.


Bob Dylan - Chronicles.

Breakfast radio show


Career history

Would say that Profero was my first proper job, the rest was just playing around trying to be a lawyer.

Daily newspaper

The Guardian.

Everyone's saying

At long last, Arnold's agency is building a reputation for its creative as well as its media output. Profero produced the pitch-winning idea for the high-profile Mini business (though it ended up sharing the account with glue) and followed that performance with strong work for Frank and for Mini itself. Arnold, a keen runner and excellent client man, is now becoming better known on the industry stage.



Favourite ad

Honda 'cog'.

Favourite technology

iPod Nano.

Greatest achievement

Finishing the Marathon des Sables.

Magazine (professional)


Most humbling experience

Being beaten by a blind man on the Marathon des Sables.

Most-admired entrepreneur

Steve Jobs.

Sunday newspaper

The Sunday Times.

TV programme

Planet Earth.



What principle defines your working life

Honesty and do what you say.

Additional Information

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