WINNER The Famous Grouse (Agency: The Big Partnership)

In a category where judges praised the overall standard of entries, one campaign stood out.

The Edrington Group, owner of The Famous Grouse brand, wanted to celebrate its 30 years as Scotland's best-selling whisky. This proved the hook for a global campaign that offered a 360-degree communication tool.

'Famous for a reason' was the brand's biggest-ever campaign. It created a set of through the line tools that could easily be adapted at a local level in markets such as Russia and Greece. Advertising, PR, on-trade, digital, point of sales and packaging were some of the techniques used.

The campaign began on 4 May, 2010 with an event at the distillery for 1,200 global guests. One-metre high grouse icons were on show before being gifted to key markets, where they were to be decorated by artists from each country, providing local PR.

Overall, 23 markets, representing 85% of sales, adopted the campaign, and were free to adapt it to their needs. In mature markets such as the UK, 'Famous for a reason' provided fresh impetus. An online campaign launched via Facebook sought nominations for the best bars, providing a great on-trade boost. The top 30 pubs were enlisted into the Grouse Trail and an illustration was created for each pub.

Judges praised a powerful and flexible idea that could translate internationally.

'It was tailored to the different markets but not to the point where the core thought was lost,' they said.

The campaign reached upwards of 24 million consumers, increasing sales significantly and growing the brand.



Tourism body VisitBritain has a four-year programme to enhance the UK's position as a leading tourist destination. Over this period it intends to deliver four million visitors, £2bn spend from those visitors, and £1bn in PR benefits.

With '3DGREAT Britain - You're Invited', it produced a quirky campaign that toured major markets, engaging with potential visitors and combating traditional images of British reserved attitudes.

Bespoke 'trompe l'oeil' paintings were used in high footfall locations across the globe. Visitors were invited to pose on the witty images representing various tourist hotspots. These could be shared with friends through a Facebook app and those judged as the best could win trips to Britain.

Media value of the 500 pieces of media coverage was estimated at £6m and the campaign was viewed by 3.5 million people on Facebook.


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