Diary: MPG does infotainment

Looking to join MPG Media Contacts? If so, you might be interested in learning a few things about its employees.

The staff were quizzed on their likes and dislikes (just for the hell of it) and some genius turned the data into an infographic. On the surface, the mostly female MPG looks to be populated by filthy, crazed, sausage-loving vampire fans who lie about their age and wish they could fly. We can reveal that 44 per cent like fry-ups as a hangover cure, 2.4 per cent have been told they look like Avril Lavigne and 13.6 per cent always have cheese in their fridge. It's possibly too much information to handle. We hope the majority of staff have cleaners because 60 per cent (127 people) say they don't hoover and 87 per cent never wash up.