Diary: One giant leap for Trev

Space anorak Trevor Beattie had a dream come true last week when he met his hero, Buzz Aldrin.

The second man to set foot on the moon was in town to help people become pilots for the charity Aerobility. The adman flew from Northolt to Farnborough with the astronaut, and it wasn't long before he pulled out a project on space he had written as a kid and asked Aldrin to mark it. Aldrin duly did, noting that Beattie had misspelt Neil Armstrong's name. Nonetheless, Aldrin gave him an "A" and Beattie excitedly Tweeted the evidence. Beattie's goal of being the first adman on the moon looks to be a small step closer. If it happens, Diary suspects he'll mark his territory in lunar soil by planting a giant billboard of a woman in a bra.