By ROONEY CARRUTHERS, a joint creative dir,, Friday, 25 June 1999 12:00AM

Music, maestro!

Music, maestro!

’Flash, bang, wallop what a picture, what a picture what a

photograph ...’ And what an ad. Joan Collins is good for a laugh -

letting drinks be poured over her by Leonard Rossiter in the late 70s

and now starring in an Olympus ad showing off her wrinkles. Olympus has

also been good over the same years, consistently making us laugh with

its press and TV work. Here’s the plot: Ralph is standing on the

sidewalk and sees Joan step out of a limo. Ralph takes a few snaps with

his regular Olympus. It transpires that the lens is so good it captures

every wrinkle on her face. Naturally, Joan’s keen to have the photos

back and proceeds to stalk our photographer as he gives us his side of

the story. Great clients are few and far between but Olympus has proved

to be one. Joan has proved she’s a great sport.

And Tony Kaye is always great. Thanks to you all for entertaining


’Anytime, any place, anywhere, there’s a wonderful world we could

share ...’ It’s a Martini V2 ad in the shape of a spoof of The Italian

Job. We open on the proprietor of a grey, lifeless pub surveying his


He decides he wants to bring some Italian style to his drab bar and

declares in true Michael Caine style: ’I’ve got an idea.’ Now the fun

really begins as we see his gang pulling off a heist (not for gold but

for Martini V2), then making their escape through the streets of Rome in

their Minis, just like in the original film. The stunts and effects are

just as good, if not better. And, of course, there’s the ’will

they/won’t they make it?’ cliffhanger to end. Stylishly shot and

cleverly pacey (it can’t be easy to summarise a two-hour film in just 90

seconds). V good.

’I just love the things you do.’ Ahh, Noddy and the boys from Slade

cranking up one of their greats. I was a big fan and so is every

builder, plumber, BT engineer and white van driver. When it comes to

classic vans, the Ford Transit is as British as roast beef. ’The

backbone of Britain’ the ad declares, and it is absolutely right. We see

the van in numerous guises doing its job from John O’Groats to Land’s

End. We pull out from a motorway full of Ford Transits and it literally

forms a backbone. If you’re going to do a job, do it well. Job done.

’I love Paris in the springtime.’ I love Paris, full-stop. So how is

Eurostar going to serenade me? With TV and press, Austin Powers-style

animation and illustration with the endline: ’We’re all going

Conti-mental.’ I’ll leave it there and stay in Soho, I think.

’We’re going down the pub. Hurry up ’Arry, c’mon ...’ Not in this


Not a pub or bar to be seen in this ad for Beck’s. We see overlapping

imagery of footballers without boots, fields of wheat blowing in the

wind, wild horses galloping through streets, rain falling from the sky

and then cascading on to a beautiful girl. It keeps you guessing what

it’s advertising until the end when the bottle of Beck’s pops up with

the endline, ’natural’.

It’s well shot and art directed, but it’s a bit tame. After all, Beck’s

is the beer Noel and Liam drink. And when it comes to showing horses in

beer ads, pull back the reins - it’s been done rather well before by

that black stuff from the Emerald Isle.

Now a CD from Hewlett Packard. A guy goes around the world,

single-handed, in a yacht.

Being short on space he packs all his favourite memories on a CD he’s

recorded and plays them back when he’s feeling a bit cold and


The ad manages to deliver the product benefit to good effect and makes

you want one (I wouldn’t mind getting one, myself).

Well, I’m all sung out, but I’d like to add one thing. I’m a bit of a

Gerry Moira fan - you can give me Grosvenor House any night.


Project: Summer pricing campaign

Client: Adam Dixon-Smith, head of communications

Brief: ’Everyone’s going Conti-mental’

Agency: St Luke’s

Writer: Seyoan Vela

Art director: Colin Lamberton

Director: Mic Graves

Production company: AKA Pizazz

Exposure: National TV, press and posters


Project: Ford Transit

Client: Mike Platts, brand manager, commercial vehicles

Brief: Generate renewed pride and esteem in owning a Ford Transit van

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather

Writer: Sebastian Royce

Art director: Steve Shotton

Director: Peter Salmi

Production company: Joy Films

Exposure: National TV


Project: Olympus iZoom 75

Client: Ian Dickens, marketing director

Brief: Launch the camera on a pan-European scale

Agency: Lowe Howard-Spink

Writer: Paul Silburn

Art director: Vince Squibb

Director: Tony Kaye

Production company: Tony Kaye Films

Exposure: Pan-European TV


Project: Beck’s

Client: Maurice Breen, brands director

Brief: Put Beck’s back in touch with its core audience while conveying

its pure and natural origins

Agency: Mountain View

Writer: Richard Carman

Art director: Julian Scott

Director: Daniel Barber

Production company: Rose Hackney Barber

Exposure: National TV


Project: Martini V2

Clients: Stella David, marketing director

Brief: An updated classic

Agency: HHCL & Partners

Project team: Jo Tanner, Mark Howard, Richard Packer, Crispin Jamieson,

Sid McGrath

Director: Danny Kleinman

Production company: Spectre

Exposure: National TV and cinema


Project: HP CD Writer Plus

Client: Celina Paul, ISGE Marcoms programme manager

Brief: Excite and educate consumers with the possibility of home CD


Agency: Publicis

Writer: Chris Aldhouse

Art director: Pete Hodgson

Director: Frederik Bond

Production company: The End

Exposure: Pan-European terrestrial and satellite TV

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