30 under 30: the winners - Part Two

From social media superstars to data and technology powerhouses: Harriet Dennys presents winners 16 to 30 of Media Week's 30 under 30 list 2010

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Following our feature on winners one to 15, Media Week presents the second half of this year’s 30 under 30 list, who are all "adding value to their clients, team and company", according to judge Tim Jones, HR director of Aegis Media. He says: "Their calibre demonstrates the rich capability of talent, the breadth of applicants and the variety of roles on offer within our industry."

Read on to see who is exploding the world of social media, who is destined to become a leader in mobile, and who is expanding Dennis Publishing’s Indian business - and what they want to achieve by the time they are 40…

16) Kat Hughes, 26
Associate director, OMD UK

 Hughes became MG OMD’s youngest account director at 25, following work on the Home Office’s anti-knife crime initiative, which won the People’s Choice Award at this year’s Valencia Festival of Media. Hughes, who was promoted to associate director at OMD UK in June, also helped raise MG OMD’s external profile by representing the UK in the Cannes Young Lions media competition. Her former boss Rachel Gascoyne-Day, business director at MG OMD, says Hughes stood out on the graduate scheme and still stands as one of the group’s rising stars. "I always said that one day Kat would be my boss and she is heading in the right direction."

Who would play you in a film of your life?
Scarlett Johansson, because people are kind enough to say I look like her.

What do you want to achieve by 40?
I want to be doing great work at a media agency, if they still exist in their current form, working with great people and great clients.

17) Helen Lawrence, 27
Senior social media planner, Dare

Lawrence has exploded Dare’s social media credentials over the last three years, expanding her team from one to seven as work for clients including Vodafone, Sony Ericsson and Barclaycard has rolled in. Lawrence’s Waterslide iPhone app for Barclaycard is the most-downloaded piece of branded content from Apple’s app store to date, while David Cameron and Nick Clegg got involved in her England Squad campaign for the FA. Even Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg showed up at an event Lawrence helped organise in May, making her - in the words of executive planning director Nick Emmel - "an absolute shoo-in" for Media Week’s list. 

Who would play you in a film of your life?
Lindsay Lohan, because she’d manage to live out the popstar ambitions through the soundtrack, accomplishing the dreams I still cling to.

What do you want to achieve by 40?
I hope I will still be working with technology and utility, probably to the point where I’m either part-cyborg or just a brain in a jar, hooked up to all the social networks automatically. I’d like to be working in the behavioural analytics part of social technology; it’s an area that people are starting to dip their toes into and one that will bring about a real shift in the industry’s approach to this kind of marketing.

18) Richard Lloyd, 29
Head of data and technology services, MEC

The media agency of the future will be data driven, and one of the best of the new breed of analytics experts is Lloyd, who has had a "transformational" effect since he joined MEC as the agency’s first head of data and technology services. Building on his background at Microsoft and Omniture, Lloyd has built a team of 11 from scratch and delivered a new analytics platform for Lloyds Banking Group that has generated cost-savings of £120k per year. Head of analytics and insight David Fletcher says: "Our future business will be significantly shaped by Richard’s vision."

Who would play you in a film of your life?
Kevin Spacey, because by the time anyone wants to make a film about me I’ll have the same kind of receding hairline.

What do you want to achieve by 40?
I’d like to be founder or chief executive of a digital media technology company.

19) Luke Moore, 29
Head of sponsorship, Absolute Radio

 When Chris Goldson, commercial director of Absolute, risks his home on setting up his own business, he will be "damn sure" Moore will be part of the plan, since almost every landmark deal has been led by his young head of sponsorship. Since joining the company as a work experience boy in 2001, Moore has risen up the ranks to become head of sponsorship, securing the sponsors for the last two World Cup campaigns and for the newly acquired Premier League rights. "Absolute’s sponsorship credentials are widely viewed as second to none," says Goldson. "Luke is the reason."

Who would play you in a film of your life?
Rupert Grint, because I was quite shaggy-haired in my early years.

What do you want to achieve by 40?
To be important enough to hold my meetings on the golf course.

20) Andrew Nicholls, 25
Digital general manager, Dennis Media Transasia

Despite being in the industry for less than a year, Nicholls identified an opportunity to launch branded dating sites, wrote a business plan, found a partner and launched three dating sites for Dennis brands, which now turn over almost £200,000 a year. Nicholls beat the record for Dennis’ youngest publisher at the age of 24, and has since been given the responsibility for expanding the company’s Indian business, reporting to the board in London. Nicholls also designed and commissioned Dennis’ first iPhone app - the Viz Profanosauros app - which generates about £5k per month. 

Who would play you in a film of your life?
Nicholas Hoult, because I get told I look like him (I don’t see it).

What do you want to achieve by 40?
I would like to sit on the board of Dennis Publishing but, most importantly, I hope I can be of assistance to younger people, helping them fulfil their potential by passing on the skills and experience I have learned at Dennis. 

21) Georgina Parnell, 28
Commercial manager, Future and Digital Media Advertising, Channel 4

Parnell’s experience at Haymarket and the Guardian gave her a full understanding of Channel 4’s context in the market, so she was quickly given responsibility for Mindshare, one of the broadcaster’s top-spending agencies. Parnell cultivated Mindshare’s 4oD business, leading to 140% growth year on year, and has been given the responsibility of setting up a new team to service independent agencies. Parnell is also regarded as the "most well-connected" member of the FADMA team, and is responsible for all internal and external entertaining budgets - something she hopes to build on after completing a diploma in events management in her spare time. 

Who would play you in a film of your life?
Julianne Moore, because she is an inspirational redhead.

What do you want to achieve by 40?
I would like to set up my own media events company, planning corporate jollies and awards ceremonies and helping agencies put on parties for their clients. 

22) Laura-Jane Powell, 27
Account manager, Kinetic

Powell is responsible for £18m of out-of-home business, with a client list including Ford, Amex, Pepsi and Kimberly Clark that accounts for a quarter of Mindshare’s OOH revenue. However, juggling multimillion accounts in her day job was not enough of a challenge for Powell, so she volunteered to work on the Unilever account to broaden her experience and helped implement Kinetic’s Gong Show. Powell’s dedication has been recognised with a mantlepiece of awards - most notably for her media first for First Direct, which has since increased its OOH spend 700%. 

Who would play you in a film of your life?
Emily Blunt, because she is one of the only talented gingers around at the moment, and she has been named as one of Hollywood’s Stars of Tomorrow.

What do you want to achieve by 40?
I want to be pushing myself as hard as I can and definitely still working in media - it is getting really interesting as doors are opening through digital innovations. 

23) Hamid Qureshi, 28
Digital planning/buying manager, Zed Media

Qureshi is rated extremely highly at Zenith: his boss Kevin Longhurst, buying director at Zed Media, describes him as an "essential" member of the planning team and "one of the shining stars in the digital marketplace". Some of Qureshi’s many achievements include relaunching MSN’s automotive channel, helping Reckitt Benckiser become the largest FMCG advertiser in online TV, and doubling the online innovation ad spend for Lexus year on year in a recession. At just 28, Qureshi was also sent out to educate - no doubt older - Zenith colleagues in Russia, Japan and Finland on emerging internet technologies and online campaign planning.

Who would play you in a film of your life?
Chef Heston Blumenthal, because he is creative and innovative and always willing to experiment and take risks.

What do you want to achieve by 40?
To be chief executive of a media or digital agency, but I might also go client-side. I recently completed a post-grad Chartered Institute of Marketing diploma, which gave me the chance to analyse briefs at a different level. 

24) Bre Rossetti, 27
Account director, Arena Media

In just two years at Arena Media, Rossetti has been promoted twice, successfully pitched for the Westfield business, scooped a handful of planning awards and helped found Arena’s press department, which now bills more than £27m. Rossetti manages a team of five, with responsibility for all press, inserts, cross-media, events and creative solutions, as well as managing training and development. She also hired a regional press manager to increase local revenue, and the first four months of the scheme yielded a 20% increase in regional billings. Little wonder, then, that head of press Jo Blake believes Rossetti will be "a future leader in the world of media". 

Who would play you in a film of your life?
Danny de Vito, because he is about my height.

What do you want to achieve by 40?
I would like to exploit my US roots and do something more international - perhaps open a new global department for Arena Media. 

25) James Sallon, 27
Director of music services and operations, IMImobile Europe

 Sallon has built his reputation in the mobile sector, where he helped set up the UK’s first independent mobile media buying agency, Over the Air Media. The company has since been absorbed into IMImobile, and Sallon is responsible for managing operations and revenue growth for the company’s music division, overseeing teams in the UK and India to develop cutting-edge mobile campaigns for clients including Eircom, AOL, Virgin Mobile and Ministry of Sound. Alex Newman, head of mobile at OMD, says: "Jamie is passionate and destined to become a leader in his field." 

Who would play you in a film of your life?
Jeremy Piven for lead generation, Morgan Freeman for account management and Kiefer Sutherland for contract negotiation.

What do you want to achieve by 40?
I want to be helping brands, agencies and content owners work with cutting-edge technology companies to deliver the most innovative and effective digital campaigns.

26) Claire Stacey, 29
Associate director, Starcom Mediavest Group Performance

Clients sang Stacey’s praises even when she was a humble account exec, but now she has risen to associate director the eulogies are even more glowing. "Claire is, without question, the best account director I’ve worked with over the past 15 years," says David Meliveo of Autoglass. Why? Because Stacey was integral to the new business teams that won RSA, Autoglass, British Gas Business and CentrePoint; she has grown the uSwitch.com account by 300% and BT performance media billings by 200%; and the Autoglass business has "smashed all previous response volume targets" under her careful stewardship. "Claire is brilliant at building relationships," adds Meliveo.

Who would play you in a film of your life?
Kirsten Dunst, because she is versatile, a go-getter and she starred in Entertainment Weekly’s 30 under 30 in 2008.

What do you want to achieve by 40?
I would like to have made the move client-side and to be at board level. 

27) David Towers, 26
Seo director, MEC

Towers has transformed MEC’s seo operations into an agenda-setting powerhouse, and he has "absolutely no intention" of slowing down. Over the last 21 months, Towers has quadrupled his Manchester-based team’s client base and increased revenue tenfold, and was rewarded with a promotion to seo director in January. He is also gaining a reputation for thought leadership by speaking at search conferences, and is leading seo training to encourage integration across MEC’s national teams. Mick Style, managing director of MEC Manchester, says: "David’s development of our seo team means we are the best-resourced seo team outside London."

Who would play you in a film of your life?
Steve McQueen.

What do you want to achieve by 40?
To be running my own company, as either chief executive or owner. 

28) Helen Walker, 29
Communications director, MEC

Walker started her career in MEC’s Manchester office but transferred to London in 2007, where she was swiftly promoted to communications director and was one of the first 11 to be accepted onto MEC’s Rising Talent programme. Walker’s strengths lie in delivering communications strategies that challenge norms and deliver exceptional results for clients such as Nintendo, which has enjoyed billings growth of 170% since 2007. Client services director James Atherton says Walker is "one of the most intelligent, sympathetic and effective account handlers in the industry" - so who better to present MEC’s winning entry for Media Week’s Agency of the Year 2009? 

Who would play you in a film of your life?
Sandra Bullock, because she represents the balance in life I would like to have - she has a real professionalism but doesn’t mind being a buffoon.

What do you want to achieve by 40?
If early retirement doesn’t happen, I like the idea of setting up my own consultancy and working with media agencies and clients on a project-by-project basis. 

29) Charles Wells, 29
Kinship Networking

It’s one thing to rise to new business director at a global ad agency within four years of graduating, but quite another to leave that all behind and start your own social media agency. However, Wells did just that when he left Ogilvy to found social media strategy firm Kinship Networking in 2007, which now numbers Vodafone, Sky and Unilever among its 20 clients. Client services director Matt Holt says: "A true entrepreneur, Charlie was one of the first to spot the potential of social media. He is the most creative thinker I have ever met, and a real gentleman to boot." 

Who would play you in a film of your life?
Hugh Laurie, because he can do serious and thoughtful and is very British - he knows how to carry off a three-piece suit.

What do you want to achieve by 40?
I would like to be running my own company, ideally something to do with understanding how people interact with each other. 

30) Emily Young, 29
Group business director, Posterscope

Young manages a team of six with responsibility for Walker Media and MPG’s £40m annual out-of-home billings, and has delivered 75% year-on-year growth since she took over as group business director in January. This year’s biggest challenge was running the Tories’ election campaign, which required Young to be on call 24/7 while juggling her commitments to her 100+ clients. Marc Mendoza, MPG's chief executive, says: "Nothing daunts Emily and she will undoubtedly go as far as she wants to in the business. I just hope we can always have her working on our behalf." 

Who would play you in a film of your life?
Cameron Diaz because she is strong, independent and hardworking, she doesn’t take herself too seriously and she loves surfing, which appeals to my Cornish roots.

What do you want to achieve by 40?
I want to remain as motivated, ambitious and passionate about the industry as I am today. I hope I will be at the top of my game, with my strategic and managerial skills further refined and my client relationships strengthened. I hope I will have the vision to understand the challenges that will face my business when I am 50 and beyond.

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Tim Jones, HR director, Aegis Media

Kathleen Saxton, founder, The Lighthouse Company

David Emin, ad director, Mirror Group Newspapers

Justine Southall, publishing director, Cosmopolitan

Harry Dewhirst, founder, Ring Ring Media and last year’s overall Rising Star of the Year

Ivor Falvey, commercial director, Haymarket Brand Media

Harriet Dennys, editor, Mediaweek.co.uk