5 changes to the media business since Twitter launched

Eight years ago when Twitter launched, citizen journalism was still in its infancy, last week robo-journalism was mooted as a very real prospect for algorithm based stories on earthquakes. The differences in the media business pre and post-Twitter are stark, Mindshare provides five more examples.

5 changes to the media business since Twitter launched
5 changes to the media business since Twitter launched

Mindshare Worldwide has compiled research highlighting some of the changes to the media and business landscape since Twitter’s first tweet eight years ago. The research shows the stark differences in the way that news and information is shared, driven by social media and the internet.

1) Since Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter sent the first tweet ("just setting up my twttr") more than 200 billion tweets have been sent.

2) That year (2006) was the first Super Bowl where all aspects of the game were aired in high definition. Last year, more than 24.9 million tweets were sent about the Super Bowl.

3) Elsewhere, Facebook started 2006 with 5.5 million users, the social network now has1.23 billion active monthly users.

4) The social phenomenon that is Wikipedia reached its one millionth article (Jordanhill railway station) in the year Twitter launched. Today, there are more than 4.47 million articles on the English-language Wikipedia site alone.

5) In the same period, retails sales have rocketed from being worth just 2.9% of global sales to global B2C ecommerce sales predicted to hit $1.5 trillion today, according to eMarketer.

Norm Johnston, chief digital officer at Mindshare Worldwide, said: "We believe that everything today begins and ends with media and the way people interact is changing. Brands need to adapt to this changing global media landscape to stay ahead of the game. And as our research shows; if you don’t adapt, you fall behind and even die."