Classic ads revived by Thinkbox

View the new Thinkbox ad

Thinkbox, the TV marketing body, is unveiling its first-ever TV ad campaign to support the medium.

Impressions of famous ad characters, including the R White's lemonade drinker and the Sugar Puffs Honey Monster emerge from his subconscious.

Watch all nine of the original ads above.

Video 1: Bodyform ''bodyform for you' by Roose & Partners

Video 2: Budweiser 'wassup' by DDB Chicago

Video 3: Cadbury whole nut 'submarine'

Video 4: Cornetto 'just one cornetto' by Lintas

Video 5: Fairy Liquid 'bubbles' by Grey London

Video 6: Milk Marketing Board 'accrington stanley' by Allen Brady Marsh

Video 7: sugar puffs 'don't forget the honey mummy' by BMP

Video 8: R Whites 'secret lemonade' by Allen Brady Marsh

Video 9: Yellow Pages 'JR Hartley' by Abbott Mead Vickers

Thinkbox 'it's funny how 30 seconds can last a lifetime' by Red Brick Road